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Razer Goliathus Mobile Mouse Pad

Razer goliathus is the perfect device for taking your gaming to the next level. With it, you can reach your device's hidden capabilities while keeping your gaming experience private.

Razer Goliathus Mobile Mouse Pad Amazon

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This razer goliathus mouse pad is perfect for action games and other where there's limited real estate. The textured design means that it will stay in place and never leave your desk. The razer goliathus mouse pad is also wireless so you can easily get it around your office. the razer goliathus is a mobile mouse pad that makes for a great way to keep your laptop looking like aquestions about this product? please contact us. Made from durable fabric and fabric with a non-gripping end, this mat makes a great travel companion. the razer goliathus is a new open box mouse pad that is perfect for when you need a little extra area to work with your computer. It's a micro texture mat that gives your computer screen a more complete look, and it's perfect for mobile devices such as ipad and iphone. This mat is available now at the razr website.