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Steelseries Qck Mass Mouse Pad

This sleek gaming mouse pad from Steelseries comes in 2102602 mm black to give your gaming experience an edge, it's top grade for modern games and comes with two mass-slip feature so you can keep your mouse grip even in low light. The black design brings a touch of luxury to your gaming setup while the two colors make it look modern and effortless to set up.

Steelseries Qck Mass Mouse Pad Amazon

The Steelseries Qck Mass mouse pad is top-of-the-heap for your gaming mouse pad! This mat is fabricated of durable materials that will keep your mouse moving wide open, it also imparts a bright colors that will look splendid in your room. This gaming mouse pad is top-quality for admirers who are hunting for an effective and durable gaming mat, the black Steelseries Qck sz. Is a good mat for preventing your mouse from slipping (or being pulled out of the mat), and providing a bit more support on your desk, the Steelseries Qck fashion Mass anti-slip gaming mouse pad is a sensational substitute to protect your desktop from the sun and other elements. The mat provides a comfortable design and is produced of durable materials to provide you with good gaming experience, this is a terrific mouse pad for use in your gaming pc. It grants two anti-slip features and is also lightly padded for comfort, is top for a powerful gaming pc.